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Medical Education Technology

Report of Remedial Anubandh

Remedial Anubandh session was conducted for 2019 batch students who could not succeed in first year MBBS examination. Considering large number of failure students Remedial Anubandh session was planned for them. Failure students were analysed and categorised for subject wise failure. They were mentored by faculties of respective subject in a single session.

Senior faculties were chosen for Remedial Anubandh to ensure proper guidance to students. Meeting with the faculties was conducted before the session. All faculties were oriented and guided regarding objectives of session through online platform. Online session were conducted after forming what’s app groups and with communication with students from 25thto 27thMarch. In the meeting, all the mentors guided the students about how to learn and keep motivated. Every faculty enforced about applied part of their subject.

Students requested part completion exam for them on full course. Their requests were accepted. Students interacted freely and asked about their difficulties. All faculties asked students to give emphasis on application parts of the subject. In the students reflections through google form, they commented that it was a good session for them and they got new insight about how to study and the approach towards examination.

The whole session was coordinated by Dr. Smita Pakhmode, Coordinator UG Anubandh, MEU under guidance of Dr. Suresh Chari, Dr. Madhur Gupta, Dr. Anne Wilkinson. 

Report of Second year Anubandh for 2019 batch II MBBS Students

First session of Anubandh for freshly passed 2019 batch was held between 25th to 27th March 2021 through online platform. Total 94 students were divided in 09 groups of 12 students’ each with two student mentors from 2018 batch.

Online meeting with second year teachers was held to brief them about the conduct of the program. Total 9 teacher mentors from second year- Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine- conducted the session online. Total 50 Students attended the session. Mentors interacted with students and took their feedback about online classes. They made them aware about the new timetable and examination pattern with reference to CBME curriculum. Students enjoyed interaction with teachers and asked their doubts about vaccination & COVID precaution. The reflections of teachers and students were taken through Google forms. Their reflections demonstrated satisfaction as they got an opportunity to know about change in curriculum. Students appreciated efforts of teachers to get in touch with them. The event was coordinated be Dr. Smita Pakhmode, Coordinator, UG Anubandh MEU, under guidance Dr. Suresh Chari, Dr. Madhur Gupta and Dr. Anne Wilkinson.


First session of Anubandh was conducted on the theme of “i<kà  vkSj  dM on 1st March at

12.15 pm on online platform. Total 13 groups of First year students (2020 batch) were mentored by 13 teachers from preclinical department along with two student mentors of 2019 batch.

All teacher mentors were briefed about conduct of Anubandh by Dr. Suresh Chari, Dr. Madhur Gupta, Dr. Anne Wilkinson & Dr. Smita Pakhmode.

All students in the 13 groups were satisfied with sharing academic problems and asking questions regarding academics and sensitization about COVID 19 precautions. Students show preference for onsite session and showed enthusiasm to attend e-anubandh session further.

Teachers were also satisfied to interact with students. Students and teachers reflections were collected through google form.

Dr. Smita Pakhmode was the coordinator for all the sessions.


COVID-19 is a virus which has spread quickly to many countries. Scientists and researchers have managed to produce vaccines to protect against COVID-19. Misinformation and myths have been spreading fast regarding the vaccine and hence to sensitise the students an online panel discussion using Microsoft Team was organized on : Covid Vaccine “Myths and Challenges” for first year MBBS students 2020 Batch as a part of foundation course.

The panellists were Dr. Ajeet Saoji, Professor and Head Community Medicine; Dr. Sunanda Chaoji, Associate Professor General Medicine and Dr. Umesh Hassani, Assistant Professor Microbiology respectively. The session was moderated by Dr. Kalpana Date, Associate Professor Department of Microbiology. Queries regarding types of vaccines, their mechanism of action, efficacy of vaccines, side effects and herd immunity were answered. Coordinator of the event was Dr. Manju Chandankhede from Biochemistry Department.