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Activities 2015-2016

Students’ Welfare Association 2015-2016

Installation Ceremony:

The session of the Students’ Welfare Association (SWA) began on 4th September 2015 with the Installation Ceremony. Dr. Anne Wilkinson was installed as the Chairperson and Dr. Mohana Majumdar as the Co-Chairperson for the SWA 2015-16.

The Installation Ceremony of SWA 2015-16 was done at the hands of Mrs. Supriya Chaudhary, Principal of Centre Point School, Seminary Hills in the presence of Shri Ranjeetbabu Deshmukh, Chairman VSPMAHE and Dr. Kajal Mitra, Dean NKPSIMS.

The elected body of students sworn in was-

President – Mr. Shravan P Khetan

Vice President – Ms. Apurva Mukherjee

Ms. Shraddha Andhare Secretary – Ms. Mallika Vyas

Joint Secretary – Mr. Adwait A Bhalme

Mr. Arpit R Roy

University Representative – Mr. Shreyas N Deshmukh Sports Secretary – Mr. Paras Giri

PG representative – Dr. Arun Mitra Intern Representative – Dr. Shreya Bose

Ladies Representative –Ms. Shreya D Surana

Ms. Najuka Tawale

Class Representatives :

2012 Batch – Mr. Kishor Dhoble 2013 Batch – Mr. Ashutosh Dighade 2014 Batch – Mr. Mehdi Parekh 2015 Batch – Mr. Mayur Aitwar


The core committee teachers :

Dr. Suresh Chari – Music Committee

Dr. Sulbha Joshi – Students’ Grievances Committee

Dr. Aniruddha Deoke – Sports Committee & Social Outreach Committee Dr. Meenakshi Girish – Publication & Debate Committee

Dr. Arti Kasulkar – Hobby Lobby Committee

The various activities of the Students’ Welfare Association during 2015-16 were as follows-

The graduation ceremony of the MBBS 2010 batch was held on 26th August 2015. Dr. Sanjay Oak was the Chief Guest for the ceremony, while Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh and Dr Amol Deshmukh were the guests of honour. Dr. Tanushree Pandey, Dr. Shreyas Dhamorikar, Dr. Radhika Salpekar, Dr. Amit Shrawankar and Dr. Deepak Ghuge were awarded Outstanding Students of 2010 BATCH. The graduates were given a folder containing the Hippocratic oath, a certificate and a pen engraved with the college name. The ceremony concluded with passing the torch to the next batch students and throwing off the hats.

On 31st August 2015, the SWA 2015-16 organised a workshop of Art of Living. It was a 5 days workshop and it helped the students and staff to learn measures for a peaceful living.

On 19th September 2015, the SWA 2105-16 organised the Shri Arvindbabu Memorial Intercollege Debate. Topic for the debate was “ In Indian Soceity the concept of Feminism is misused for male harassment ”. The winner was IGGMC, Nagpur.

For the first time, the SWA 2015-16 helped the 2014 MBBS batch to attend Pulse organized by AIIMS Delhi. The students left for Delhi on 14th September 2015 and took part in many competitions like sports, arts, etc. and also enjoyed live performance by Farhan Akhtar and Neha Kakkar. Dr. Anne Wilkinson and Dr. Manoj Talpaliwar accompanied the students.

The DMIMS Sawangi organized an intercollegiate singing competition – Megh Malhar- on 26th September 2015. Duet of Ms. Payal Katre & Dr. Suresh Iyer won the 2nd prize.

On 7th October 2015 the SWA 2015-16 organised a panel discussion. The topic was – Tackling the youth’s perception of ‘Might is Right’. The expert speakers were Mr P K B Chakravorty, Retired DGP Nagpur, Justice A P Bhangale and Dr Sudhir Bhave. The event was interactive with students asking interesting questions to the panelists.

The welcome to the freshers’ batch of 2015 started with a debate competiton organized

on 16th October 2015. Topic for the competition was ‘ Rote learning is better than

intelligence for competitive exams ’. The winners for the motion were Swapnil Ranlani and against the motion Pratha Sharma. Runners up were Meena Mankeshwar and Shivangi Chandak . It was followed by an evening of interactive games between the seniors and juniors.

A Sports meet was held to welcome the fresher’s batch. Sports competitions for the new students were organized on the morning of 17th October 2015 which included 100 meters running, Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis.

On 17th October 2015 evening, a personality contest was held for the Freshers where the students competed for the title of Mr and Ms Freshers. The contest included 4 rounds – introductory, talent round, a surprise round and the last- Judges’ question round. Ms.

Rucha Ridhorkar won the Ms Freshers title, while Mr. Shlok Gupta was named Mr. Freshers. The runners up for the contest were Ms Apoorva Pande and Mr. Ayush Gandhi. The contest was followed by dinner.

The SWA 2015-16 requested the Dean and the Librarian to get the Furniture and AC of the library repaired so the students have good chairs and tables and can study comfortably during the examination.

On the evening of 3rd January 2016, the SWA 2015-16 organised a guest lecture by Dr. Ramesh Mehta. He told the students about various examinations and job opportunities in UK. The lecture was also graced by the presence of Dr. Amol Deshmukh

SWA arranged for installation and allotment of lockers for students in the Girls and Boys Common rooms respectively. The initiative for this was taken by the previous SWA team.

The SWA also organized 3 workshops on Basic Life Support for the MBBS students. The students were taught about the skills required in an emergency. Mr. Shreyas Deshmukh took the initiative and organized 3 BLS workshops for the students successfully.

Interns with Dr Anne Wilkinson participated in this camp.

Students of NKPSIMS, led by Ms. Aarzoo Meghrajani participated in the Annual Vidarbha level Folk Dance competition organized by IMA Nagpur on 26th January, 2016. The team won the consolation prize for performing the folk dance of Rajasthan.

SWA played a major role in organizing the Walkathon 2016 – an initiative by our college on Republic Day, 26th January 2016. They worked under the guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Deoke.

On 29th January 2016, the SWA 2015-16 came up with an idea of a stress buster time, in which all the teachers, students as well as the staff members came along together and sang songs, with Karoake music. This was initiated by Dr. Suresh Chari.

The SWA 2015-16 also organized a BLS workshop for the dialysis technician students from the Ashwini Kidney Dialysis Centre on 3rd February 2016.

The University cancelled the gap between two papers for the students. So the Students’ Council of all the medical colleges of Nagpur sent a request letter to Mr. Vinod Tawade Education Minister to give the interval. Our University Representative Mr. Shreyas Deshmukh with President Mr. Shravan Khetan, Ms. Shraddha Andhare, Mr. Adwait Bhalme, Mr. Ashutosh Dighade, Mr. Arpit Roy and Mr. Mehdi Parekh did all the necessary work for the same.

SWA organized a Saraswati Pooja on the occasion of Basant Panchami on 13th February 2016 at the Central library. The pooja was done in presence of students, teachers as well as the non teaching staff. Dr Mohana Majumdar and her team made the arrangements for the same.

The annual social gathering, JOSH 2016 was held from 17th to 28th Febraury 2016.

  • 17th to 21st February – Lakshya 2k16 ( Sports meet)
  • 23rd February 2016 – Jugalbandi (The Antakshari Competition)
  • 23rd February 2016 – Dhwani (The Musical Night)
  • 24rd February 2016 – Lehza (Teachers & Students’ Interbatch Debate


  • 24rd February 2016 – Verve (The Fashion Show)
  • 25th February 2016 – UTSAV (The Arts Festivity)
  • 25th February 2016 – Persona 2k16 (The Personality Contest)
  • 26th February 2016 – Vibrance (The Cultural Night)
  • 27th February 2016- Valedictory function for JOSH


The SWA 2015-16 also organised two Vidarbha level Inter Medical Collegiate competitions –

  • 28th February 2016 – Malhar (Intercollegiate Singing Competition)

Dr. Payal Katre and Mr. Anubhav Dubey won the 1st Prize in singing competiton in Duet category.

Dr. Payal Katre also won the second prize in solo female category and Mr. Anubhav Dubey bagged the 1st prize in solo male category.


  • 28th February 2016 – Cosmic (Intercollegiate Dance Competition)

Under the initiative of President Mr. Shravan Khetan and Mr. Shreyas Deshmukh, the SWA 2015-16 donated a computer (desktop) to a needy school ‘Vivek Jyoti Dhyanpeth Convent & English Primary’ in Nagpur. The SWA members contributed the amount to purchase the computer and were satisfied that they gave happiness to a small school for the students aspiring to learn on computers.

SWA organised a seminar- ‘Words of Wisdoms’ on how students can pursue different specialities in the field of Surgery and Medicine after completing their MBBS. This was an idea of SWA President Mr. Shravan Khetan. We had Dr. Prakash Khetan, a well-known physician and a consultant nephrologist of the city and Dr. Sanjay Parashar, a well-known plastic surgeon and the Director at Cocoona Hospital, Dubai. The program was attended by a packed hall of MBBS students.

The SWA 2015-16 helped in organizing many college events like the Health Check Up camps at Katol (Mr. Kishor Dhoble took great interest in helping for this event), the Star Night for the Silver Jubilee celebration on the 25th December 2015 (Mr. Arpit Roy & Mr. Mehdi Parekh helped a lot in organizing the event successfully under the guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Deoke) and also helped in arranging volunteers for some events like the Pediatrics Surgery Mission 2016 on 31st January 2016.

The SWA 2015-16 helped the 2015 and 2014 batches in organizing their batch trips to the Saoner Adventure Camps. Mr. Mayur Aitwar for the 2015 batch and Mr. Arpit Roy & Mr. Mehdi Parekh of 2014 batch looked after the organization for the same.

1st prize in Men Volleyball Competition at GMC, Nagpur 1st prize in Men Basketball Competition at IGGMC, Nagpur

2nd prize in Men Football Competition at GMC, Nagpur 2nd prize in Men Cricket Competition at IGGMC, Nagpur

Ms. Shraddha Andhare and Mr. Anubhav Dubey won the 2nd prize in Duet category in Singing Competition at IGGMC, Nagpur

In April, the SWA helped to organize a batch trip to Darjeeling for the 2013 MBBS batch – with the total organistaion being looked after by Mr. Nrupal Dande and his team of batchmates. The students enjoyed the great weather and snow in Darjeeling. Dr. Anil Koparkar, Dr. S. Walulkar and Dr. M. Walulkar were the teachers who accompanied the students.

On 7th July 2016, 6 of our students participated at the college level written quiz of the GRAY MATTER Quiz organized by DAMS.

Mayur Aitwar and Rupali Gajbhiye of 2015 batch submitted their essays.


-Our team of students led by the music committee students and teachers sang a patriotic song at our institute flag hoisting.

-In the evening our team of Dr Payal Katre, Shraddha Andhare and anubhav Dubey participated in the intercollege Sa-Re-Ga-Ma contest organized by IMA Nagpur. Anubhav Dubey won the second prize in Male solo category and our team got a consolation prize

Organized on Friday 26th August 2016. Winners of our campus round were Rucha Ridhorkar, Abhinandan Sharma, Shraddha Andhare, and Divyansh Mathur.

Organised on Friday September 2nd 2016. (Detailed write up sent to press)

Previous Chairperson/ Co Chairperson/ President/ Secretaries board put up in room, donation of wall clock by President Shravan Khetan, Installation of computer with internet services done.

We are proud of our students Deepak Kumar ( MBBS 2014 batch ) for winning first prize in solo dance competition at IIT Delhi, Dr Samiksha Ganvir ( MBBS 2011 batch) for winning Miss Vidarbha Diva 2016 title in Nagpur, and Dr Rohan Roy ( MBBS 2011 batch) and Amod Dhage ( MBBS 2013 batch) for winning special appreciation awards for their paper presentations at International Cancer Congress held in Nagpur. Ratnakar Wankhede ( MBBS 2015 batch) won and qualified at the State level swimming championship

Information compiled by

Shravan Khetan, President SWA 2015-16


Dr Anne Wilkinson, Chairperson SWA 2015-16