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STS List of Students 2021

STS List of Students 2021

NKP STS 2021
Sr. no Name of Students Name of Guide Department Title of the STS Proposal
1 Ms. Aarohi Kadam Dr. Shilpa Deoke General Medicine Prevalence And Awareness Of Anorexia Nervosa And Bulimia Among Indian Youth
2 Aaryaa Sawarbandhe Dr. Arti A. Kasulkar Forensic Medicine Assessment of medical students’ perspective towards LGBT community
3 Kamlesh Motwani Dr Rhutuja Deo Ophthalmology Digital education  and its effect on ocular morbidity in Covid 19 lockdown
4 Kartik Khurana Dr. Meenal Kulkarni Community Medicine Acceptance of COVID-19 vaccination and myths associated with vaccination in general population.
5 Khushi Ashishkumar Lohiya Dr. Nikita Vijay Obstetrics and Gynecology Knowledge and awareness of science, risk factors and treatment options for infertility among young adults- a cross sectional study
6 Ms. Naheed Khan Dr. Kanchan Dwidmuthe Obstetrics and Gynecology Knowledge and Awareness of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) among medical students
7 Nishchal Zade Dr. Anne Wilkinson Pathology The Impact of COVID-19 on the attending Resident doctors: A cross sectional study
8 Ms. Khushbu Kumari Dr. Ajeet Saoji Community Medicine Predictors of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in a rural population: A cross-sectional study
9 Renuka Joshi Dr. Archana Joshi Pathology Study to evaluate the awareness about anaemia and its complications among undergraduate medical students.
10 Saumya Awasthi Dr. Suresh Chari Biochemistry Challenges Faced in Teaching-Learning Process during Pandemic
11 Srushtee Bhaiswar Dr Madhur Gupta Biochemistry Is there a hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccination among rural agricultural workers of Nagpur district: A cross sectional study
12 Parimal Balankhe Dr. Shilpa Hajare Community Medicine Impact of lockdown on screen time of primary school students
13 Piyush Gandhi Dr. N. R. Humaney General Medicine Effect of obesity on cognitive function: a cross- sectional study