MET Publication 2017

Educational Research Publication in 2017

Sr Department Name Of Authors Title Journal&Vol
1 Physiology Dr. Shubhada Gade, Dr. Suresh Chari Use of Mini CEX as a Teaching Learning Method in Physiology National journal of physiology, pharmacy and pharmacology Vol. 7 Issue 5 Page no. 482 -485– 2017
2 Physiology Dr. Shubhada Gade Competency based medical education : Issues and challenges Vidarbha Journal of Internal medicine Vol. 23 Page no. 70 – 74, 2017
3 Biochemistry Dr. Madhur Gupta, Dr. Mahesh Deshmukh Dr. Suresh Chari Is English language as a medium of instruction a hurdle for first year MBBS teaching learning? Perceptions of students and teachers International Journal of Research in medical sciences Vol. 5 Issue 9 Page 4195 – 4196, 2017
4 Pathology Dr. Anne Wilkinson & Amod. S. Dhage Breaking bad news of cancer diagnosis - the patient's perspective International Journal of Research in medical science Vol. 5 Issue 4 Page no. 1617 – 1621,2017
5 Community Medicine Dr. Meenal Kulkarni Medical Internship training-challenges and possible solutions Journal of Education Technology in Health Sciences Vol. 4, Issue 1 Page no. 5 – 6, 2017
6 Forensic Medicine Dr. Arti Ajay Kasulkar , Dr. Shailesh D. Wakde, Dr. H. T. Kanade Dr. Madhur Gupta Knowledge and attitude of medical students and Interns Towards Medico legal autopsy Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Vol. 11 Issue 2 Page no. 226 – 231, 2017
7 Forensic Medicine Dr. Arti A. Kasulkar & Pooja Yadav Knowledge and attitude of medical students and Interns Towards Medico legal autopsy World Journal of pharmaceutical and medical research Vol. 3 Issue 9 Page no. 181 – 184, 2017
8 Microbiology Dr.Dr. Kalpana Date Assessment of effectiveness of EBL in Microbiology Journal of research in medical education & Ethics vol. 7 no. 1 2017 page no. 38 - 42