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Activities 2022-2023


The most awaited event of MUHS Nashik Called SPANDAN inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. Madhuri Kanitkar took place. It includes 5 different types of events across Maharashtra of which Musical Competition was held on 24th April and 25th April 2023 at Late S. D. Kalmegh Dental College, Nagpur. The Chairperson of College Students Council of NKPSIMS & RC AND LMH Dr. Sushrut Fulare took initiative and enrolled 11 Students for the Musical Competition in different Categories who represented NKPSIMS & RC AND LMH.
The categories were as follows-

  1. Light vocal solo
  2. Classical vocal solo
  3. Western vocal solo
  4. Natyasangeet
  5. Group song indian
  6. Folk orchestra
  7. Classical instrumental solo (percussion).


The 11 enrolled students were selected by auditions held in the college. Also the Winners of our Annual Fest JOSH 2K23 Music Competition Hridayrag were encouraged to participate for the same.

The 11 participants from various batches were as follows-

  1. Neha Kankarej 22 batch
  2. Lakshita Akre 22 batch
  3. Abhishek Kale 20 Batch
  4. Niranjan Patil 20 Batch
  5. Bhumika M Jawanjal 21batch
  6. Anuja Deshmukh 22 batch
  7. Yogini Durge 22 batch
  8. Mayuri Budde 22 batch
  9. Kavyashree Vissamsetti 22 batch
  10. Himanshu Dandekar 22batch
  11. Samrudha Apte 22 batch

The college provided transport facility to all the participants. Dr. Rajesh Dehankar was the teacher Incharge of NKPSIMS & RC AND LMH who looked into every small needs of the students during the programme. Ms. Khushboo Sathawane was appointed as the Student coordinator from NKPSIMS & RC AND LMH.

All the participants toiled day and night for the competition and performed to their best on the day of competition.

Finally at the end of the event on 25th April 2023 results were declared. Out of all the participants we had the following winners from our college-
1. Samruddha Apte : 2nd in Classical Instrument solo (percussion)
2.Neha Kankarej : 3rd in western vocal solo
The winners were awarded Certificates and Trophies by the hands of Dr. Shreeram Ragad Chief Co-ordinator Spandan.
Later the winners were also appreciated by Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra of NKPSIMS & RC AND LMH.

Ms.Khushboo Sathawane                         Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar              Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar
Students Incharge                                   General Secretary                                 President

Dr.Sushil Gawande                              Dr.Rajesh Dehankar                                                                Dr.Sushrut Fulare Incharge:Music Committee                                                 Co-Chairperson                                                                                      Chairperson


Finally after 3 years the most awaited event Josh had arrived in which every batch was very excited about the sport events.
The event was named: SANGHARSH ‘Can You Feel The Heat’. The sports committee organized many outdoor and indoor sports events.

OUTDOOR: Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho Kho, Athletics, Swimming.

INDOOR: Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Badminton. The events were held from 3rd to 9th April’ 23.

On the 3rd April ’23 we had the inauguration of Sangharsh 2k23 by the chief guest Mr. Faiz Fazal, the Indian Cricketing Sensation.

After that we immediately started with both the indoor and outdoor sport events. The outdoor events were organized early in the morning and evening hours. The indoor events were organized in the afternoon hours. There were separate sports incharges’ of MBBS 2020 batch appointed to make sure that the events were held on time.

With great enthusiasm and sheer will all the batches of 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, the interns and post graduates participated. Also the teaching and non-teaching staff got an opportunity to play.

Under the guidance of Dean Dr Kajal Mitra, the Incharge for sports committee and Co-Chairperson of College Students’ Council Dr.

Rajesh Dehankar overlooked the whole event and made sure that the sports were played with sporting spirit. Dr Sushrut Fulare Chairperson CSC and all the teachers of CSC encouraged all the participants in all the events.

The Sports Secretary Mr. Gaurav Pawar and the Jt. Sports Secretary Mr. Harsh Malekar and Mr. Madhur Ugale worked day and night to conduct all the events within time and ensured that all the events took peacefully.

Overall the event was a great success and every batch participated as a team and gave their 100% to win.

The eagerly awaited annual event JOSH was held after a 3 year hiatus. The students both UG and PG as well as the teaching and non- teaching staff participated in all events enthusiastically. The event was inaugurated on 10th April at the hands of our honourable Dean Dr Kajal Mitra Sir.


College Student’s Council organized Alucinar -The Art Exhibition as an inaugural event of JOSH 2K23 on 10th April 2023 at 11am in Harmony Hall. The Theme for this exhibition was Fiction & Fantasies .

The event included 12 categories  including Sketching, Painting, Doodling, Diya & Bottle Decoration, Best out of Waste, Poster Making, Quilling & Origami, Photography, Greeting Card making and on the spot competitions like Rangoli, Mehendi & Face Painting.

The event was graced by the presence of our respected Dean, Dr. Kajal Mitra, Advisors CSC Dr. Anne Wilkinson and Dr. Mohana Majumdar, Chairperson CSC Dr. Sushrut Fulare, Co-Chairperson CSC, Dr. Rajesh Dehankar,   Incharge arts committee Dr. Kalpana Date, Teacher members of CSC, Dr. Arti Kasulkar , Dr. Sushil Gawande, Dr. Rakhee Tirpude, Dr. Shilpa Hajare and Dr. Trupti Dongre.
Judges for the event were, Dr. Rajashree Bapat Head of Textile & Fashion Design and Mrs. Neeta Gokhale Deputy Manager in State Bank of India and a has passion towards art.

We also had the Inauguration of Wall Mirror at the Hands of our Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra Sir. The theme of wall mirror was Mental Stress and how to cope with it in our day to day life. It also included Sketches made by the students and their photographs.


Batch wise groups were made of 15 participants and the event started with clue 1. Each group was given separate clues and had to solve all 5 clues to reach the final treasure. Everyone enthusiastically participated in the event .In between of the competition before solving the clues few funny task were given to the groups which included ball passing by dragging , filling the bucket of water by riding on back of group members from start to end point, making 30 ponies of members of group and many more. Everyone enjoyed the event a lot. The students’ of CSC and volunteers worked under the guidance of Dr Shilpa Hazare for this event.


This was a competition where many students participated enthusiastically. It included various unique and creative talent of students which included Live Painting, Shayari, RJ, Jamming, Rap, Fusion, Tabla, Mimicry, Standup comedy, Powada and many more.

The event vent was graced by the presence of two renowned judges Dr. Abhijeet Ambaikar Ex Professor IGGMC, Nagpur who has received various prizes for Acting, Directing, Writing and the second judge was Dr. Prachi Mahajan MS (Mumbai), FRCS(UK), Fellowships in Advanced Laproscopy and Bariatric Surgery and who is passoniate about theatre acting, writing, fitness. The students organized the event under the guidance of Dr Rakhee Tirpude.

DAY 3: 12/4/23 नाट्योत्सव उत्सव नाट्य कलेचा

As a part of JOSH 2k23, to showcase talent and express creativity through acting, writing and directing we organized the drama competition नाट्योत्सव – उत्सव नाट्य कलेचा on 12th April 2023. There were solo drama competition, Group drama competition and MIME act competitions. Teacher Incharge was Dr. Arti Kasulkar and student incharges were Ms. Khushboo Sathawane, Mr.

Pradeep Sole, Mr. Daksh Baraskar and Mr. Vivek Ingole, who worked under the able guidance of Dr Arti Kasulkar. Judges for the event were Mrs.Vaidehi Chawre Soitkar, Shree Sanjay Bhakre, Shree Vilas Khangan.

The event started by student incharges by telling the importance of drama competition in college events.Various dramas were presented by the participants on topics like matlabi duniya, Antiragging, baliraja, medico life, Incredible india, sexual offence, exam stress, etc. Along with the competitions, various quizzes like identify the movie, identify the actor and actress of the given song were taken for the audience. Judges were happy to see such great presentations by medical students.

“VERAO CLASSICO”- The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show took off with the introduction of the theme. The Judges for the event were Dr. Gunjan Loney and Dr. Harshal Ninave who are PG and UG alumni of our Institute respectively.
The CSC students and volunteers organized this round under the able guidance of Teacher in charge Dr Trupti Dongre and Dr Anne Wilkinson.
The first was The MET GALA Round by the participants of various batches.

The next round was the BRIDES AND GROOMS round through which the participants displayed ethnic wedding wear

Next was the WALK OF FAME round, which had participants who mimicked the various characters and recreated the movie scenes.

This was followed by the most enthusiastic round- The Teacher’s round- where the teachers showcased their glamour on the stage with elegance.

Then came the P.G Round where our Postgraduate participants displayed their immense flair and style.

The DIVINE SOUL round mesmerized the audience by their act which included participants dressed in divine characters.

The show ended with the CSC round

DAY 4:13/4/23 Antaragni -The Antakshari

Antaragni -The Antakshari Competition was held under the able guidance of Hon. Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, this year also the event was organized by the current team of CSC 2022- 23 with great enthusiasm and fervour under the guidance of Dr Sushil Gawande. A total of 6 teams of various departments from our medical college participated in the event. MOC Mr.Yuvraj Morke and Ms.Chinmayee Angaitkar welcomed the gathering and explained the rules and rounds for antakshari.

The results were announced by Dr.Sushil Gawande,

incharge of Music Committee. Winner: Team Afsana (Department of Pathology)

For Students a separate round was conducted

Winners: 19 Batch and 21 Batch

Swarangan – The intercollege music competition

The Intercollege music Competition was held under the able guidance of Hon. Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra and the event was organized by the current team of CSC 2022-23 and teacher incharge Dr Sushil Gawande. A total of 19 participants of both Solo and Duet category from different medical colleges across the state participated in this event. The program was inaugurated by the hands of Dr. Kajal Mitra Dean, Dr. Sushrut Fulare Chairperson, Dr. Rajesh Dehankar Co-Chairperson, and Advisors Dr. Anne Wilkinson & Dr. Mohana Majumdar.

To judge the Intercollegiate Music Competition, we had renowned judges Mr. Bhushan Jadhav who participated in Marathi Sangeet Samrat and is ZEE TV & ZEE Yuva Fame and Mr Nikhil George Paul who is a British Singer, Music Producer and composer of Indian Origin who rose to fame in India for being the voice behind the song “Mai kya karu” and ” Itni si hassi “.

The judges and the audience were pleased to hear the sweet and authentic voices of our contestants. It was a difficult task for our judges to declare the winners as the competition was so tough. They also appreciated the team and the participants for their constancy and the hard work.

The results was announced by Dr.Kajal Mitra, Dean
Winner – Piyush Ugalmugle (NKPSIMS & RC and LMH)
Runner up- Naman Daga ( GMC Akola)
Winner-Abhishek Kale and Bhumika Jawanjal (NKPSIMS & RC and LMH)
Runner-up- Anjana Nair and Aman Bhonsale (AIIMS Nagpur)

Hridayraag – Mehfil Saat Suron ki

The college music competition had a total of 41 participants participating in the event. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Kajal Mitra Dean, Dr. Sushrut Fulare Chairperson, Dr. Rajesh Dehankar Co-Chairperson, and Advisors Dr. Anne Wilkinson & Dr. Mohana Majumdar CSC 2022-23. Dean Dr.Kajal Mitra highlighted the importance of students’ participation in such activities to enhance their all-around development. The judges were Dr Satish Deshmukh, Professor, Department of Surgery and Dr Suresh Iyer, a talented singer of the city who is also our PG Alumnus.

DAY 5: 14/4/23

Nrityangan – The Dance competition

The finale of JOSH was the much awaited dance competition. The judges for the event were Dr.Snehal Vaidya our UG Alumnus and Dr. Sachin Jibhkate. Both of them are practising radiologists of the city. A total of 40 dances including Solo, Duet, Group and Batch dances were presented in the event by our UG and PG students. The show was a huge success as participants showcased their dance skills in unique ways. The students of CSC and student volunteers helped to organise the show under the guidance of teacher in charge Dr Trupti Dongre and Dr Anne Wilkinson.

DAY 6:15/4/23


To showcase talent and express creativity through Articles, Poems, Experiences, Journeys, Interviews, Stories, Photographs, Doodles, Paintings, Sketches, Calligraphy we published the Annual Magazine of College ECTOPIC BEAT, under the Guidance of Teacher Incharge Dr. Rakhee Tirpude and Students Incharges Mr. Yashraj Deshmukh, Mr. Vivek Ingole, Miss. Gauri Kela. The magazine was released by Dean Dr Kajal Mitra.

The Valedictory function followed. President CSC 2022- 23 Mr.Rushikesh Ghanokar, Chairperson of College Students’ Council 2022-23 Dr.Sushrut Fulare and Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra spoke at the event.

Valedictory ceremony of JOSH 2K23 Cultural and Sports events was held. Also the MUHS toppers and distinction holders were felicitated by honorable Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra Sir. Special prizes instituted by various departments for individual subject toppers in the college were also given.

The day concluded with Vote of Thanks by General Secretary of CSC 2022-23 Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar.

Later it was followed by Lunch.

JOSH 2k23 was organized by members of CSC under the guidance of Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, Dr. Mohana Majumdar, Dr. Anne Wilkinson, Dr. Sushrut Fulare, Dr. Rajesh Dehankar, Dr. Kalpana Date, Dr. Arti Kasulkar, Dr.Sushil Gawande, Dr.Rakhee Tirpude, Dr Shilpa Hazare and Dr. Trupti Dongre . Students of the council Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar, Mr. Mayur Andhale, Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar, Mr. Daksh Baraskar, Ms. Disha Jibhakate, Mr. Yuvraj Morke, Mr. Gaurav Pawar, Mr. Harsh Malekar, Mr. Madhur Ugale, Mr. Yashraj Deshmukh, Ms. Gauri Kela, Ms. Shravani Yende, Ms. Rashi Jhunjhunwala, Ms. Khushboo Sathawane, Mr. Pradeep Sole, Mr. Vivek Ingole, Mr. Taranjot Singh Narula, Mr. Bonny Naik, Dr. Ashutosh Ade, Dr. Rohan Jogewar toiled day and night to make this event a great success. The volunteers along with the support staff played a major role in making this event happen.


It was a wonderful event with people actively participating in it. Such moments stay with us for years, cherishing them as we move forward in our life.

Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar              Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar
General Secretary CSC                     President CSC

Dr.Rajesh Dehankar                      Dr.Sushrut Fulare
Co-Chairperson CSC                      Chairperson CSC



On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, the Saraswati Pooja was organized by the College Students’ Council of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Digdoh, Nagpur on 26th January 2023. The Pooja was organized in the premises of IQAC Office.

The Saraswati Pooja is a popular event amongst students. The celebration of this Pooja ensures that students find a home away from home. On the auspicious day of Pooja, the students and faculty of the institution came together to seek the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge, Music, Art, and Culture. The Pooja took place at the hands of the College Students’ Council. The rituals were graced with the presence of all the students and faculty. The institution has celebrated the Pooja with the same fervor as it celebrates other festivals. The faculty and students both joined hands together with great zeal to make the event memorable, also evoking the blessing of the Goddess of Knowledge to have successful academic and carrier growth.

The Pooja came to an end by serving Prasad  to everyone  present. Everyone  who  attended the Pooja had a great time and received hope in a time of hardships. The College Student’s Council toiled to make this event a huge success.