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Activities 2019-2020

Students’ Welfare Association 2019-20

Following were the committee members of Students welfare Association 2019-20 

Dr. Kajal Mitra (Patron)

Dr. Vilas Thombre (Advisor)                                

Dr. Nitin Deosthale (Advisor)

Dr.Aniruddha Deoke  (Chairperson)                     

Dr. Arti Kasulkar (Co-Chairperson)

Dr. Anne Wilkinson Incharge: Cultural Committee;

Dr. Sushrut Fulare Co-Incharge: Cultural Com.

Dr.Sunanda Chaoji Incharge: Student Grievances Committee

Dr. Shubhada Gade Incharge: Music Committee

Dr. Kalpana Date Incharge: Hobby Lobby Committee

Dr. Anagha Sahasrabuddhe Incharge: Debate & Publication Committee

Dr. Rajesh Dehankar Incharge: Sports Committee

Dr.Rakhi Tirpude Incharge: Social and Outreach Committee

Student Representatives

  • Ketan Dekate (President)
  • Shubham Purohit (V.P.)
  •  Mr. Geet Katariya (V.P.)
  • Arvind Dandade(Secretary)
  •  Mr. Mangesh Chavan (Treas.)
  • Sayali Narkhede (Jt.S.)
  •  Mr. Siddhant Kotewar (Jt.S.)
  • Chaitanya Bhandekar( Sports Secy.)
  •  Ms. Khushbu Kumari(Jt.S.S)


  • Ashish Mahor (U.R.)
  • Krishna Deshmukh (L.R.)
  •  Ms. Hrituja Gajbe(L.R.)
  • Megha Sawsakade (I.R.)
  •  Dr. Pranita Dharmadhikari (P.G.Rep.)
  • Suyog Chikhale (CR-2016)
  •  Mr. Pratik Chaudhari (CR-2017)
  • Rutwij Kavar (CR-2018)
  •  Mr. Kamlesh Motwani (CR-2019)

Teachers every year is celebrated in NKP salve Institute of Medical Sciences by the students for their dear teachers. It includes exciting games for the teachers. Students share their amazing experiences with the teachers. This hence enables a strong bond between the teachers and students.

This debate competition is held every year in NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences on 19 September in the memory of Shir Arvindbabu Deshmukh. Winners are conferred with cash prizes, trophies and a Running Shield.

This debate competition was organized by senior students for the juniors so that they show participation in extracurricular activities and should be vocal about their thoughts.

Fresher’s Sports meet was an enthusiastic initiative by the students for the students. Sports meet for the new students paved a way to build a warm relationship between the senior and the junior students.

Sports meet included:

Indoor games: Chess, carrom, table tennis.

Outdoor games: Cricket, football, volleyball, basketball.

As is the tradition of every year this year also The Student Welfare Association (SWA) of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital had organized ‘Fresher’s Event’ for newly admitted MBBS students to the college.

The four days extravaganza named Meraki (essence of you that is put into work) dated from 11/10/19 to 14/10/19 was joyful and memorable for every fresher student. There were various activities like Ice- breaking, various Sports events, Debate Competition and Personality Contest.

The Personality Contest Participants went through various rounds to exhibit their personality traits.

Winners of the Personality Contest were Ms. Sunidhi Puri and Mr. Rohit Shembekar. Runner-ups were Ms. Riya Chirania and Mr. Krish Mishra.

Dance and singing performances were given by the senior students.

The programme was successfully conducted under the guidance of Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, Vice-Dean Dr. Vilas Thombre, SWA Advisor Dr.Nitin Deosthale, SWA Chairperson Dr. Aniruddha Deoke, SWA Co-chairperson Dr Arti Kasulkar, Cultural In charge Dr. Anne Wilkinson, Cultural Co-In charge Dr. Sushrut Fulare and Sports In charge Dr.Rajesh Dehankar.

The programme was well supported by SWA student members: President Mr.Ketan Dekate,General Secretary Mr. Arvind Dandade, Sports Secretary Mr. Chaitanya Bhandekar. Other student membersMr. Shubham Purohit, Mr. Geet Katariya, Mr. Suyog Chikhale, Mr. Ashish Mahor, Mr.Mangesh Chavhan, Ms. Sayali Narkhede, Mr Siddhant Kotewar, Ms. Khushbu Kumari, Mr. Rutwij Kavar, Ms. Krishna Deshmukh, Ms. Prachi Deshmukh and Mr. Kamlesh Motwani proved to be the backbone.

It was held on 10th october 2018. Ms. Sanskriti Dorlikar was Miss Fresher and Harshal Agrawal was Mr. Fresher. Khushboo Kumari was Ms. Fresher Runnerup and Rushikesh Mirge was Mr. Fresher Runnerup. The theme was Masquerade theme. Students and teachers participated with enthusiasm.

Students created awareness about plastic menace through a skit on 11 November, 2019

SHRIMATI MADHURIBAI DESHMUKH Vidarbha level Intercollegiate sports meet from 5th Feb-10th Feb 2020.

Students’ Welfare Association of N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital,Nagpur organized SHRIMATI MADHURIBAI DESHMUKH Vidarbha level Intercollegiate sports meet from 5th Feb-10th Feb 2020. Various sports like cricket, volleyball, football etc. were organized. A minimum of 8 teams from various distinguished medical institutions participated under each category of sports. It’s the first time in the history of NKPSIMS that an event of this scale has been organized. It’s indeed a proud moment for each and every individual of the institution. The sports meet was inaugurated at the hands of Mr. Prashant Vaidya, former Indian cricket player and Dr. Sajal Mitra, Dean GMC.These 5-6 days were celebrated as a festival of victory propagating the feeling of healthy competition, brotherhood & joy . An enormous hike in confidence and major boost in self- esteem amongst the players was inevitable after experiencing such an event. PDMMC, Amravati & NKPSIMS, Nagpur won the title of winner and runner up team respectively in cricket tournament.

In the football matches, GMC, Nagpur bagged the 1st prize whereas NKPSIMS, Nagpur stood 2nd.

Most significantly, NKPSIMS, Nagpur on their home ground won the winner prize in volleyball tournament whereas PDMMC, Amravati bagged 2nd prize.

Under the guidance and never ending support of hon’able chairman VSPM AHE, Shri Ranjeetbabu Deshmukh; Dean, Dr. Kajal Mitra;SWA Chairperson, Dr. Aniruddha Deoke; Sports lncharge, Dr.Rajesh Dehankar; President, Alumni Association, Dr. Umesh Hassani; Sports Secretary Mr. Chaitanya Bhandekar , Jt. Sports Secretary, Ms.Khushbu Kumari and their hardworking team, all the events were conducted smoothly without any major obstacles and grievances.

Students’ Welfare Association 2019-20 of N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital,Nagpur organized ANNUAL COLLEGE SPORTS MEET – VARCHASVA 2K20 from 29th February 2020 to 1st March 2020

Various outdoor and indoor sports were being organized like cricket, volleyball, football, basketball and chess, carom, badminton,swimming, table tennis in the respective categories. And a new game was introduced this year: KHO-KHO in the outdoor category.

Also, a new concept of “BATCH OF THE YEAR” running shield has been introduced this year to encourage maximum participation and healthy sportsmanship amongst students of various batches of M.B.B.S. The combination of scores obtained in sports as well as cultural events were taken in account for determining the final result. Of which a major chunk of score was definitely contributed by the scores bagged by students in the indoor and outdoor sport battlefields.

A lot of students participated and enjoyed the grand sports meet with great amount of enthusiasm, fun and fervor. The event was successfully organized under the able guidance of SWA CHAIRPERSON Dr. Aniruddha Deoke sir and SPORTS INCHARGE Dr. Rajesh Dehankar sir.

Also the student in-charges SPORTS SECRETARY & MR. NKP 2K20, Mr. Chaitanya Bhandekar and JOINT SPORTS SECRETARY, Ms. Khushbu Kumari with the help of numerous volunteers from different batches conducted the events smoothly.

The tough competition between the various batches was a sight to see. The students proved that medical students are no less than anyone when it comes to showcasing their talents. And in the end, the ” batch of the year” was bagged by the very talented and deserving 2018 batch

The annual cultural function ‘JOSH 2k20’ of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Hingna, Nagpur was held in college premises in befitting manner, starting with sports (VARCHASVA) from 26th Feb – 2nd March and ending with cultural functions from 2nd March – 7th March.

It was presided over by Dean of college Dr. Kajal Mitra, Dr. Aniruddha Deoke (Chairperson SWA) , Dr. Arti Kasulkar (Co-chairperson SWA), Ketan Dekate (President SWA), Arvind Dandade(General Secretary SWA) and the SWA team, the function was inaugurated by Mr. Prashant Vaidya (Vice president of VCA and former cricketer) as the chief guest. Distinguished guest, elite guardians and the students of college also attended the function.

The cultural events of the function started with ART EXHIBITION and AANANDOTSAV on 2nd March

The students of the NKP Institute of medical sciences and research center, Nagpur displayed their plethora of artistic talent in the Art Exhibition “COCOON- the art of evolving”. Their artworks were displayed amidst the Garden of Eden, a paradise on earth created by the students themselves. Showcasing their love for nature, towards the flora and the fauna, they created a whole ambiance of a forest showing mother nature in her full glory. Through this theme, the students gave a clear message that human beings should live in harmony with nature rather than living like a virus for the planet. We have to evolve to live, to progress, to sustain, and to maintain the balance of the environment.

The day started with the various on the spot competitions including rangoli, Mehendi, and face painting. The on the spot competitions were filled with competitors full of enthusiasm and energy competing against time to complete their artworks. Among the colorfulness of the rangolis and the aroma of henna that filled the room, the face painters were dabbling in the fields of horror.

Various other completions like drawing, painting, best out of waste, Diya decoration, Bottle decoration, Quilling and origami, doodling, greeting card, poster painting, and photography displayed she zeal of the students towards arts proving that Doctors are not only studious but one of the most artistic people in the world.

The judges of the event were the very renowned artists of Nagpur Mrs. Neha Munje and Mrs.Apurva Mandakekar. the exhibition was inaugurated at noon at the hands of Shri Ranjeet Babu Deshmukh, Chairman VSPM AHE in the presence of various other dignitaries including DR. Kajal Mitra, the dean, Dr. Vilas Thombre, Vice-dean, Dr. Aniruddha Deoke, Chairperson SWA 19-20, Dr. Arti Kasulkar, Co-chairperson SWA 19-20, Mr. Ketan Dekate, President SWA 19-20, And the whole SWA 19-20 team.

Ms. Sayali Narkhede introduces the theme of the exhibition and Mr. Ashish Mahor presented The Vote of thanks. The dean felicitated the judges. The event was executed successfully under the guidance of Dr.

Kalpana Date, in charge of hobby lobby committee making it one of the most successful events of JOSH 2K20.

Anandotsav was held on 2nd march 2020 at 3pm onwards.

Teacher incharge for the programme was Dr. Rajesh Dehankar and student incharges were Shri Arvind Dandade and Mr.Kamlesh Motwani College student actively participated in this event.

The program started with Ribbon cutting and with bursting fire crackers. We had Anushreetai Deshmukh as our chief guest for the program. Dr. Rajesh Dehankar welcomed Anushree Tai. Mr. Arvind Dandade was MOC for the program.

Anushree tai Deshmukh shared their views reagarding the programme and encouraged students to do more of such things.

Then guest and all the members went to the stalls, tasted the food, played fun games and enjoyed the event.

DJ was also organised so students could enjoy more.Students earned the profit on their food and fungame stall and enjoyed a lot.

Vote of thanks was given by Dr Aniruddha Deoke. The program went really well under the guidance of Dr. Aniruddha Deoke chairperson, SWA and Dr Arti Kasulkar co-chairperson, SWA.

It was also well supported by volunteers.

Debate was conducted as 3rd day of Josh-2020 at 11:00 am.

There were six teams participating in debate and each team represented their batch. All the participants came well prepared with their fascinating ideas and content.

Judges for program were Dr.Ritu Dargan and Dr. Sachin Jhambhorkar.

Dr.Angha Sahasrabuddhe were the Teacher Incharge and Mr. Rutwij Kavar, Ms. Khushbu Kumari and Ms.Krishna Deshkmukh student incharge of program helped teacher with their hardworking volunteers.

Dr. Anirudh Deoke and Dr.Aarti Kasulkar were the backbone of program and guided us with their experience. Audience enjoyed the battle of words with peaceful minds.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”…

As every year, Bunch of cultural events were held in this annual fest and the very First Cultural event was “CASTALIA – The Fashion Show”. CASTALIA literally means the art of poetic inspiration and it really inspired students to put up their Fashion sense.

Dr.Anne Wilkinson and Dr.Sushrut Gulare were the Teacher Incharges and Mr.Shubham Purohit , Mr.Geet Katariya and Ms.Hrituja Gajbe were the Student’s Incharges. The Event was judged by very talented Juries – Dr.Madhavi Ambhore and Mrs.Nikita Mhaisalkar.

Along with Regular Rounds held, Rounds like Gothic and Mismatch won people hearts. Well suited handsome hunks and Gorgeous Glamorous Girls took the Event to the Next level..Audience enjoyed every round whether Red Carpet,Bollywood or Bride and groom..Teachers also showed their elegance in Teachers round…SWA members managed to rock the stage inspite being busy in their schedules..

The event would not have been successful without the guidance of Dr.Aniruddha Deoke and Dr.Arti


This event was made Glorious by the efforts of volunteers who worked relentlessly.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Swarganga-The Antakshari competition and Sargam-The Musical Night.

The teacher Incharges were- Dr. Shubhada Gade and the students Incharges were- Mr. Ketan Dekate , Mr. Pratik Chaudhari , Mr.Siddhant Kotewar and Ms. Prachi Deshmukh . The Judges for the evening were – Mr.Abhinav Deshpande and Mrs.Varsha Ghuge.

The morning was filled with euphonious voices of students as well as our beloved teaches who played Antakshari.

In the evening the acts were performed in the solo and duet category. It was fascinating to see how the nerd medicos showcased their blissful voice.

The audience were fascinated to witness the melodious voice of their batchmates which filled the evening with joy and enthusiasm.

This show wouldn’t have been successful without the help of our hardworking volunteers.

Various events and talent polishing opportunities were given to students and staff during this annual gathering by the organising team under the mentorship of Dr. Deoke . नटरंग-एककलाकृती was one such platform designed for Drama. Mr. Sanjay Bhakare was invited as judge. There were various categories like solo, duet, group and mime under which medicos performed their acts and show cased their talents. Drama was given stage at NKPSIMS for second time and response was overwhelming.

“Real talent shines through regardless of how many others there are around you.”

N.K.P Salve institute of medical sciences and research centre hosted its annual fest – The Josh 2k20 which included a week of cultural bonanza and on 5th held the talent event – ‘Talentia -The Talent Show’. The teacher Incharges were- Dr.Kalpana Date and Dr.Sunanda Choji and the students Incharges were- Mr.Arvind Dandade and Mr.Siddhant Kotewar. The Judges for the evening were -Mr.Gajanan Ranade and Mrs.Deepali Ghonge.

The acts were performed in the solo category only. It was fascinating to see how the medicos, through various acts tried to showcase their talents like Mimicry, Musical instruments, Poetry, Live painting,Standup comedy etc which usually remain unshowcased.

The audience were fascinated to see the hidden talents of their batchmate.This show turmed out to be a unique platform and moreover unique show to witness for the audience.

Under the guidance of Dr.Aniruddha Deoke and Dr.Arti Kasulkar the program went so well. This show wouldn’t have been successful without the help of our hardworking volunteers.

Dance is the means to communicate your emotions without really saying it much.’


N.K.P Salve institute of medical sciences and research centre hosted its annual fest – The Josh 2k20 which included a week of cultural bonanza and on 6th held the dance event – ‘Angika -the art of bodily

movements’. The teacher Incharges were- Dr. Anne Wilkinson and Dr. Shushrut Fulare and the students Incharges were- Mangesh Chavan , Rutwij Kavar and Hrituja Gajbe. The Judges for the evening were – Pradnya Nitin Jatkar and Arti Rajkumar Iyer.

The dances were performed in different categories- the solo, the duet, the group and the batch dance. In the arena of the batch dance, theme was alloted to each batch – ‘The Emotions’. 2016 batch got HORROR, 2017 batch got SORROW, 2018 batch got -COMEDY, 2019 Batch got – ANGER.

It was fascinating to see how the medicos, through various dances tried to convey important social messages based on homosexuality, the life in army, patriotism, the horrors of acid attacks, the tandav etc.

The applause that the audience showered could convey the great time they were having and how each performance resonated with their emotions and them.

The winners of all categories and the SWA team were felicitated. And was followed with lunch and DJ.

Everybody enjoyed the cultural function and highly appreciated the organizers.

Annual students’ magazine was released at the hands of dignitaries.