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Activities 2017-2018

Students’ Welfare Association 2017-18

The elected body for the year 2017-18:–

Patron                                                                          – Dr Kajal Mitra

Advisor                                                                       – Dr Vilas Thombre

Advisor                                                                       – Dr Suresh Chari

Chairperson                                                                 – Dr Mohana Majumdar

Co-Chairperson                                                           – Dr Kalpana Date

President                                                                     – Ms Devashree Nikose

Secretary                                                                     – Mr Pushkar Bhai

Joint Secretary                                                            – Mr Mayur Aitwar

Joint Secretary                                                            – Mr Paresh Nechwani

Vice President                                                             – Ms Sanket Mane

Vice President                                                             – Mr Anubhav Dubey

University Representative                                           – Mr Neeraj Bopte

Sports Secretary                                                          – Mr Navneet Saluja

PG Representative                                                      – Dr Surbhi Mitra

Intern Representative                                                  – Dr Shreyas Deshmukh

Ladies Representative                                                 – Ms Anushtha Chandra

Ladies Representative                                                 – Ms Aditi Modak

Class Representatives –

Batch 2014                                                                  – Mr Kartik Sharma

Batch 2015                                                                  – Mr Sushrut Jadhao

Batch 2016                                                                  – Mr Rupak Ikhe

Batch 2017                                                                  – Mr Prasannajit Ghosh

The core committee teachers –

Dr Aarti Kasulkar                                                       – Hobby Lobby

Dr Shubhda Gade                                                       – Music Committee

Dr Aniruddha Deoke                                                  – Sports Committee

Dr Angha Sahahstrabuddhe                             – Publication and Debate Committee

Dr Anne Wilkinson                                                     – Cultural committee

Dr Shushrut Fulare                                                      – Co- Cultural committee

The Student Welfare Association of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences held a grand graduation ceremony on 23rd August 2017 for MBBS students of 2012 Batch. 140 students proudly received their certificates in the presence of their parents, friends, Heads of various departments, teachers and dignitaries. The chief guest of this function was Dr Ved Prakash Mishra, Honorary Chancellor, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad. Chairman VSPMAHE, Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh and Dr Ashish Deshmukh, VSPMAHE gave away awards to the outstanding students of the batch for academics.

Hon.Dean, Dr Kajal Mitra and Vice Dean, Dr Vilas Thombre gave away the graduation Certificates, following which the students took Hippocratic oath.

The winners of academic awards were Dr Ayesha Khan, Dr Ashwini Waikar and Dr Sheenal Bhatia, and winners of all rounder performances were Dr Devyani Wanjari, Dr Abhishek Mankar, Dr Shraddha Andhare and Dr Rachit Khandelwal. The SWA students, teachers and Volunteers worked hard to make this event a success.

On the occasion of World Literacy day, the SWA celebrated Teachers Day with great enthusiasm on 7th September 2017. All Teachers were dressed in blue and white theme outfits. Various fun games were conducted by the students and teachers participated with zeal.

The Installation Ceremony of Ms Devashree Nikose as the President SWA 17-18 and her team, was held on 12/9/17 at the hands of Mr Vijay Phanshikar, editor of The Hitawada. Chairman VSPMAHE, Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh and Dean, NKPSIMS Dr Kajal Mitra were the guests of Honour. Dr Suresh Chari and Dr Vilas Thombre were the advisors of the committee. Dr Mohana Majumdar was installed as the chairperson, Dr Kaplana date as the Co-chairperson and Mr Pushkar Bhai as the General Secretary, SWA 17-18. Dr Anne Wilkinson, Dr Shubhada Gade, Dr Aarti Narde and Dr Anagha Sahastrabuddhe were installed as the director of sports. The students with Honors and those who had undertaken ICMR as well as NKPSTS research projects were fecilitated by the hands of Dean, Dr Kajal Mitra and Vice Dean, Dr Vilas Thombre.

A team of 70 students from our college belonging to 2016 batch attended and participated in various events organized during Pulse 2017 by AIIMS, Delhi. Dr Mohana Majumdar, Dr Anjali Edbor and Mr Nayase accompanied the students as Teacher Incharges.

In memory of Late Shri Arvindbabu Deshmukh, Father of Chairman VSPMAHE , Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh an Intercollegiate debate competition was organized by the students’ welfare association (SWA) of NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences& Lata Mangeshkar Hospital on 21st September. A total of 12 colleges participated. The topic of the Debate was ‘Parental indulgence should cease after 18 years of age’. The judges were Mrs Anmol Badjatia and Mrs Beena Mathew. Mr Anubhav Dubey was the moderator of the debate.

Fresher’s sports was held on 12/10/17 along with the help of sports committe. Outdoor games were Cricket and Football while Indoor games were Carrom, Chess & Table tennis.

Fresher’s Debate was held on 13/10/17. The topic of debate was “Religious gurus are social reformers”. Param Kukreja was the winner ‘For’ the motion and Ashutosh Agrawal was the winner ‘Against’ the motion.

Fresher’s ice breaking was held on 13/10/17 andthere was a lot ofinteractive games played between seniors and juniors, like Treasure hunt, tug of war etc.

It was held on 14/10/17. Param Kukreja was Miss Fresher and Yash Karad was Mr Fresher, while Tasmiyan Khan and Abhishek Talwekar were the runners up.

Our Campus film society, “The Chill Pill” had been granted ‘Associate Membership’ of Federation of film Society of India. FFSI gave us one movie per fortnight.

On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami, as every year SWA organized Saraswati Pooja on the 22nd January. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge and learning. All the teachers, students and non-teaching staff witnessed the beautiful event.

The SWA took an initiative to revive the wall mirror in front of the Central Library. It is under 4 headings viz Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. Various Painting, Literary work and photos taken by students were displayed in the wall mirror.

India is a land of varied cultures and traditions. Taking the same concept, as every year, this year too IMA organized an intercollegiate Folk Dance Competition on 26/1/18. Our college participated with full enthusiasm taking Bhangra as the theme. Bhangra, is one of the most popular and energetic dances of Punjab. Students gave away their best shot and were awarded with the President special prize.

The annual college fest was kick started in a melodious way. Day one of Josh 2k18 was totally devoted to music. In the first half, we had SYMPHONY, The Antakshari Competition which is the most anticipated event by our college teachers, where everyone gets to bring out the hidden singer within them. This year too we received an enthusiastic participation of the teachers. There were seven teams, and the winner team was represented by Dr Smita Narad, Mr Mithilesh Bhagde and Ms Pooja Bhomle.

In the evening we had EUPHORIX, The musical night where the students and teachers of our campus mesmerised the audience by rendering melodious songs from all ears. We had three Categories: Solo, Duet and Group.

Art Exhibition was organized on the 2nd day of our josh 2k18. They say art is way for expression of innovations and creativity. Every year our team comes up with various competitions and a theme for exhibition venue. This year there were 13 different art expression categories and the theme was based on great warrior Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Darbaar. Volunteers made sure that the ambiance looked real and perfect. Students wore maharashtrian turbans and decorated the venue with flags and flowers.

This exhibition gave an aesthetic vision for every visitor there.

The college witnessed an amazing Fashion show- REGALIA- at Josh 2k18. It was the culmination of tremendous efforts and amazing creative skills of the organising committee students and the participants who made the night a success. Regalia included bride and groom, horror, bollywood, red carpet, PG and teachers rounds, in which every round was a surprise and touched the peak of creativity. All the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the event.

Dances are performed for every possible occasion. We planned to end this year’s annual gathering with a blast. DANZATION, The Cultural Night was full of energy and vitality. Not just students, but also teachers and post graduate students showed there dancing skills.


It sets an example for the medical fraternity that they are talented in an array of fields. It showcases the literally talents of students and teachers of our institute. Ectopic beat 2018 discusses about the unique theme dream catcher, it also consists of interviews with some knowledgeable personalities. Making India digital is the dream of Indian government. With a similar ideology, this year, the Students’ Welfare Association released the magazine as a PDF file format which is accessible to all at the tip of their finger.


The SWA for the first time organized an educational trip to JNMC, Wardha, an experience beyond the daily hectic schedule of medical school. Students were astonished with the miracles of technology they showed. The team was welcomed and warmly greeted by Dr Sunil Nikose and his team.

The students visited their clinical skills lab and communication skills lab where they had interactive sessions. There were a lot of attractions, The Anatomage, real life mannequins and 3D movies to name a few.

The communication skills session was the fun element. We got the chance to interact amongst our seniors and that really helped us in ice breaking. We also visited e-library there which provided all the latest technology for the students studying there.

It was the dream of our Hon.Chairman Shri Ranjeet babu Deshmukh to have a movie club in the college campus. The Chill Pill has a tie up with the film federation society of India, which provides us with huge variety of educational, thriller, motivational and dramatic movies from all over the globe. On the 16th of April, Padmavat, one of the most controversial and historic movie was screened. Our enthusiastic students made it a great success.