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About E-Learning

About E-Learning

Today’s learner is a techno savvy student. The students are already exposed to vast ocean of knowledge via internet & social media.As a result, there has to be a shift in the teaching learning process. With the changing trends in medical education, ICT enabled tools form very important element of teaching learning process.

At N.K.P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre and LataMangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur all the Lecture halls are enabled with internet connections, LCD projectors and Public Address(PA) system.

All departments are provided with internet connections through LAN. Teachers can use this facility as per their convenience for improving teaching learning experience. Power point presentations with videos are used by teachers for effective teaching.

Lectures in electronic format of Learning Resource Material (LRM) are prepared by all departments. These are available on the website of the institute. A kiosk is installed in the college building which can be used by students to access these LRMs andMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

The institute has a well-equipped library. Multiple computers with internet connection are available to the students as well as teachers as a part of e library. A variety of e-books and e-journals are subscribed to for the purpose of improving knowledge and teaching learning by e learning. Asan affiliated college the institute is a member of the MUHS digital library and other databasesthat give access to a treasury of information and knowledge.

Facility to conduct webinars are provided time to time for the conferences and seminars. Webinars are organized by the departments where teachers and students can register and participate in the activity.

A nationalUG research student conference, MEDICON 2015, held in the campus of the institute, used the facility for live webinar by legendary Dr Devi Shetty from Bangalore.

In the National MET Conference, NCHPE 18, a webinar with Dr. Stewart Mennin from Sweden and DrRashmi Vyas from USA was organized.

Live operative workshops with live to and fro interaction with the experts are held by many departments which are helpful to the postgraduate students.

High fidelity simulators are used for skills training for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students in clinical skill lab.

The institute has MOODLE (Learning Management Systems) as a ICT tool whereby students & teachers can access study resource material &it also has a facility for online assessment of the students. The software has been uploaded on the website of the institute.

The Medical Education Technology Unit has developed online resource material for participants during Leading Tomorrow, a leadership program for the health professional teachers.

FAIMER fellows and teachers who did their MCI approved ACME Course participate in the online discussions.

Teachers attend webinars of Academy of Health Professional Education that are organized every month for its members.

The teachers of the institute are members of MEU India online google group and use the resource material shared on the group.