Friday, 10thMarch 2023

Every year COLLEGE STUDENTS’ COUNCIL (CSC) of N. K. P. Salve Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur organizes the Installation ceremony for the  Council team. Under the guidance of Hon. Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, this year also the event was organized by the current team of 2022-23 with great eagerness and Adour on 10th March 2023 in Matoshree Hall. The event started at 11:00 a.m.

The event was inaugurated by hands of Dignitaries with the auspicious ceremony of Deep Prajwalan. The guests then took their respective seats and the event was further preceded. The MOC’s welcomed the Dignitaries by presenting them with saplings. The dignitaries of the event were:-

CHIEF GUEST:- Dr. Madan Kapre [ M.S.(ENT)]

Guests of Honour:-

  • Shri.Ranjeet Deshmukh (Chairman,VSPM AHE)
  • Shri. Dr.Ashish Deshmukh (Working Chairman, VSPM AHE)
  • Shri .Sudhir Deshmukh (Treasurer, VSPM AHE)
  • Kajal Mitra (Dean, NKPSIMS & RC & LMH ,Nagpur)
  • Nitin Deosthale (Vice-Dean,MS,NKPSIMS &RC & LMH ,Nagpur)
  • Vilas Thombre (Vice-Dean,NKPSIMS & RC & LMH ,Nagpur)

A welcoming speech was given by Ms.Sanskruti Dorlikar, President CSC 2021-2022, through which she shared her journey as leader. It was followed by a heartwarming speech by Dr. Arti Kasulkar, Chairperson,CSC 2021-2022, who highlighted the achievements of the team and wished them further success. A report of all the events organized and completed successfully by the team was given by the Secretary Mr. Mayank Malokar along with Joint Secretary Ayush Pawade and Joint Secretary Vaishnavi Charkha , it included all the events held throughout their tenure.  Following and making their own legacy ,The new Council team was then installed by the hands of Dr. Madan Kapre .

The teacher Incharges and the students were installed by honouring them with their badges and medals.

It was followed by the oath taking ceremony which was lead by Dr. Madan Kapre, the team took their oath and promised to do the best of their abilities to carry on the legacy.

Next was the acceptance speech by President, CSC 2022-23- Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar, by which he displayed his enthusiasm and passion to lead her team.

The Chairperson Dr. Arti Kasulkar , President Ms.Sanskruti Dorlikar & Secretary Mr. Mayank Malokar of CSC 2021-2022 were felicitated for their efforts and contribution throughout their tenure.

It was followed by the speech of Dr. Sushrut Fulare , Chairperson 2022-23, in which he demonstrated the plans for his team and his determination to lead them with everything he has.

Then, the event was addressed by Dr. Nitin Deosthale, through which he congratulated the ex-team and encouraged the current team to further his expectations and that they have his full support.

Next, the College newsletter-‘SPLASH’ was released, which is headed by Dr. Kalpana Date.
The ceremony then, was addressed by Dr. Madan Kapre , who explained the importance of collaboration of all the branches and the essence of the word ‘Education’.

Formal vote of thanks was proposed by CSC 2022-23 General Secretary Ms.Aditi Kshirsagar followed by the national anthem. The program was then  concluded by MOC’s Mr.Janak Sutar & Ms.Pranjali Ghode.

The event was organized by members of CSC 2022-23 under the guidance of Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, Vice Dean Dr. Vilas Thombre and Vice Dean Dr. Nitin Deosthale, Dr. Anne Wilkinson, Dr .Mohana Majumdar, Dr.Aniruddha Deoke ,Dr.Sushrut Fulare, Dr. Rajesh Dehankar, Dr. Kalpana Date,Dr. Arti Kasulkar , Dr. Sushil Gawande ,Dr. Rakhee Tirpude, Dr. Shilpa Hajare, Dr. Trupti Dongre. Students of the council Mr.Rishikesh Ghanokar, Mr.Mayur Andhale, Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar, Mr. Daksh Baraskar, Mr.Gaurav Pawar, Mr.Harsh Malekar, Mr.Madhur Ugale, Mr.Yashraj Deshmukh, Mr.Yuvraj Morke, Ms.Disha Jibhkate, Ms.Gauri Kela, Ms.Sharavani Yende, Ms.Rashi Zunzunwala, Dr. Ashutosh Ade, Mr.Bony Naik,Dr.Rohan Jogewar, Ms.Khushboo Sathwane, Mr. Pradeep Sole, Mr.Vivek Ingole, Mr.Taranjot Singh Narula toiled day and night to make this event a great success.


Mr.Bonny Naik                                                  Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar                                 Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar 
Student Incharge                                                General secretary                                          President

  Dr. Rajesh Dehankar                                                                                                                Dr. Sushrut Fulare
 Co-Chairperson                                                                                                                          Chairperson