Celebration of Fresher’s events CRESCITA for 2020 batch- 5th to 8th April 2022


As always sports has yet another time given pleasure to all the junior as well as senior batch. The event was of great fun and enthusiasm. It was a 2 days event organized on 5th and 6th of April 2022.Sports organized were: Outdoor games: Cricket,Football,Basketball,Volleyball Indoor games: Carrom,Chess,Table tennis The event was conducted successfully under the guidance of Dr.RajeshDehankar Sir,Sports Incharge,CSCDr.AniruddhDeoke Sir Member SWboard MUHS,Nashik and also the sports director,Dr.SushrutFulare Sir Co-chairperson,CSC, Dr.ArtiKasulkar Ma’am Chiarperson ,CSC. Also the student members YogeshSonkukara,SportsSecretary,PavanJaybhaye,Joint Sports Secretary,ShreyaBhansali,Joint Sports Secretaryalong with the volunteers worked hard to conduct event smoothly and successfully.


The 2020 batch of NKPSIMS & RC and LMH, missed out on many events throughout their year of entry. They needed a chance and an opportunity to get to know their seniors and all about the extracurricular aspects of the college. College Students’ Council 2021-22 organized an “Ice-Breaking” event on 7th April 2022 to provide a glimpse of the same.The event started with an Introduction round where each and every student from 2019 and 2020 batch introduced themselves in a unique way. It was followed by a series of games which included ,’Balloon race’, ‘Bomb in the City’, ‘Tug of war,’ through which all the students, irrespective of their batch participated and livened up the event. The next event was the traditional “Rose ceremony”, which set the already enthusiastic mood of the students even higher. The event ended with a ‘DJ Night’.The Chairperson of CSC Dr. ArtiKasulkar and the Co-Chairperson of CSC Dr. SushrutFulare presided over the event. All the student members and teacher in charges along with the volunteers worked whole heartedly to make this event a huge success.


The long overdue fresher’s personality event for 2020 batch was finally conducted. All the students were excited to participate and enjoy. It was called CRESCITA 2k20. The event was held on 8th April 2022, starting with the introduction of the theme and welcoming the judges by the MOCs for the night who were the past year’s 2019 batch Mr. Fresher, RohitShembekar and Ms. Fresher, SunidhiPuri. Along with them were the runners up,Krish Mishra and Riya Chirania. The first round began had all the participants doing the ramp walk and they introduced themselves. Next was a dance performance by the 2019 batch students girls and boys. They got the audience going. Moving on towards the second round- talent round- we had all the contestants showcasing their talents in dance, singing, acting, shayari and even standup comedy. Everyone was well prepared and brilliant in their own way. The next in sequence was a dance performance by three boys from 19 batch which cooled up the atmosphere. It was followed by a duet song with girls from 2019 and 2020 batch, both of whom had a melodious voice.

Next up in line for the contestants was the much awaited surprise round, which had 3 pictures which one had to connect and make a meaningful story. It was a difficult task but they did an amazing job of thinking on the spot. There was also a segment of audience interaction, where people were called up on stage and asked rapid fire questions. Lastly we had the judges round, where they had to ask questions to the contestants on various aspects and the contestants did a great job answering all of them. The judges for the event were Dr. Devyani Thakur & Dr. Ashish Thakur, who were alumni of our college from the 1995 and 1994 batches respectively.

Winners of 2020 batch were:-
Mr. Fresher PrajwalRaut.
Ms. Fresher NamitaGhoshal.
Runners up of 2020 batch were:-
Mr. YashChakkarwar.
Ms. VidhishaAraspure.
Valedictory for the sports events was also held.
All the student members, teacher in charges & volunteers along with the support staff
played a major role in making this happen.
The event Incharge who guided the students was Dr. Anne Wilkinson, Cultural Incharge
CSC 2021-22.
The Chairperson CSC2021-22 Dr.ArtiKasulkar and Co-Chairperson CSC 2021-22
Dr. Sushrut Fulare guided us throughout the event.