The most awaited event for 2022 batch finally took place. All the students were ready to participate and enjoy this grand ceremony. It was called MASCHERINA The Fresher’s Night. The theme for the event was “Masquerade”. The event was organized on 13th March 2023.

The Fresher’s Night took off with the introduction of the theme and welcoming of the judges by the MOCs. The Judges for the event were Dr. Prajakta Nimbalkar and Dr. Nilay Nimbalkar. MOCs for the night were the 2021 batch’s Mr. Fresher- Kartik Devhare and

Ms. Fresher- Samiksha Jadhav along with the Runners up, Mr.Kalraj Ghatol  and Ms.Parul Morande .

The first in the series of the event was The Ramp Walk by the participants of 2022 batch.
The participants radiating confidence, showed off their dance moves along with their partners. Each and every one of them introduced themselves in an unique and defining way, getting nothing but hoots from the audience. Which was followed by an audience round wherein random roll.nos. were called upon stage to perform an act based on a scenario . An enthusiastic group dance by the girls from 2022 along with a zestful dance performance by boys from 2022 batch.

The Round 2 was the Talent Round through which the participants displayed their  immense flair and left the audience along with the judges in awe. This round was followed by a group dance by 2021 and 2021 batches which made people jump off their feets and a group song by girls and boys from 2021 batch which all praised took place after the second round of the night.

Then arrived the Round 3: The Secret round, which had 2 pictures on a screen and the participants had to choose one, speak for it and then cross each other with their wits. It was a difficult task but they did an amazing job of thinking on the spot. This round was immediately followed by the Judges round where in the participants were called on stage and asked questions by the judges to test their aptitude. Last but not the least was the final group performance by 2022 batch and 2021 batch , a soulful song .

In the end there was valedictory for the Sports event along with the result for the Fresher’s personality contest. The winners were:

Mr. Fresher- Sanchit Avhad

Ms. Fresher- Neha Kankarej

The Runners up- 

Mr. Parth Dadve

Ms. Ketki Dhumne

Later it was followed by a few words by the judges and dinner. 
The event was organized by members of CSC under the guidance of Dean Dr. Kajal Mitra, Dr. Mohana Majumdar, Dr. Anne Wilkinson,- Dr. Sushrut Fulare ,Dr. Rajesh Dehankar, Dr. Kalpana Date, Dr. Arti Kasulkar, Dr.Sushil Gawande, Dr.Rakhee Tirpude, Dr. Trupti Dongre . Students of the council Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar, Mr. Mayur Andhale, Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar, Mr. Daksh Baraskar, Ms. Disha Jibhakate, Mr. Yuvraj Morke, Mr. Gaurav Pawar, Mr. Harsh Malekar, Mr. Madhur Ugale, Mr. Yashraj Deshmukh, Ms. Gauri Kela, Ms. Shravani Yende, Ms. Rashi Jhunjhunwala, Ms. Khushboo Sathawane, Mr. Pradeep Sole, Mr. Vivek Ingole, Mr. Taranjot Singh Narula, Mr. Bonny Naik, Dr. Ashutosh Ade, Dr. Rohan Jogewar toiled day and night to make this event a great success also the volunteers along with the support staff played a major role in making this happen.
It was a wonderful event with people actively participating in it. Such moments stay with us for years, cherishing them as we move forward in our life.

Mr.Taranjot Singh Narula      Mr.Vivek Ingole      Mr.Yashraj Deshmukh       Mr.Gaurav Pawar        
Class Representative      Class Representative      Students’ Incharge         Students’ Incharge     
     2022                                       2021

Ms. Aditi Kshirsagar                                                                           Mr. Rushikesh Ghanokar
General Secretary                                                                                            President

  Dr.Trupti Dongre                             Dr.Rajesh Dehankar                 Dr.Sushrut Fulare
Incharge:Cultural Committee                 Co- Chairperson             Chairperson