Basic life Support in Obstetrics ( BLSO )

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology had organized Basic life support in Obstetrics ( BLSO)  provider workshop for first-year Junior Residents on 5th April 2024. It was a day-long workshop. It started at  8 am with a pretest for all the participants. After the pretest, Dr. Somalwar gave an introductory lecture on the purpose of the workshop. It was followed by a demonstration of normal labor video to the participants. Dr. Anuja Bhalerao, Professor & Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology inaugurated the workshop by lighting the samai. She stressed on importance of conducting such workshops for developing skills to manage obstetric emergencies.

 Students were divided into two groups for different workstations. There were five workstations.On each workstation, a small lecture was taken followed by hands-on practice on mannequins. Emergent prenatal assessment, normal labor, malpresentation, shoulder dystocia, and neonatal resuscitation were the workstations. After practice on each workstation participants were given case scenarios and they were asked to perform in groups. The faculties for the workshop were Dr.  Savita Somalwar , Dr. Nikita Vijay and Dr. Prajakta Junewar

After workstations Dr. Prajakta Junewar delivered a lecture on  maternal resuscitation. It was followed by hands on practice of different case scenarios  of maternal cardiac arrest. Students were asked to perform in groups. The concept of term work was emphasized in all workstations .

After the workstation on maternal resuscitation, Dr. Nikita Vijay discussed the case of preeclampsia and how to manage it in an emergency along with drug protocols. It was followed by case discussion on preterm labor by  Dr.Savita Somalwar.

The workshop concluded after the post-test for all participants. There were nine participants in the workshop. After the post-test students were given certificates. The workshop was highly appreciated by all participants.

All faculties along with Mrs. Rashmi Hande and Mrs. Shantabai Zodape worked hard for the success of the workshop.

Dr. Savita Somalwar
Program Coordinator

Dr. Anuja Bhalerao
Prof. & HOD OBGY